Introducing HardenedBSD 12-STABLE

submited 18 December 2018

The first public release of hardened/12-stable/master branch, which contains lots of security improvements over 11-STABLE.

Among those improvements are:

  • Non-Cross-DSO Control-Flow Integrity (CFI) for applications on amd64 and arm64. At this time, CFI is not applied to the kernel.
  • Jailed bhyve.
  • Per-jail toggles for unprivileged process debugging (the security.bsd.unprivilegedprocessdebug sysctl node).
  • Spectre v2 mitigation with retpoline applied to the entirety of base and ports.
  • Symmetric Multi-Threading (SMT) disabled by default (re-enable by setting machdep.hyperthreading_allowed to 1 in loader.conf(5)).
  • Migration of more compiler toolchain components to llvm's implementations (llvm-ar, llvm-nm, and llvm-objdump).
  • Compilation of applications with Link-Time Optimization (LTO).
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