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15 July 2024
Bridging Networks Across VPS with Wireguard and VXLAN on FreeBSD  

Discover how to create a secure and efficient network bridge between VPS instances using Wireguard and VXLAN on FreeBSD, allowing for flexible service distribution and improved resource management.

Enable local-to-anchors tables in PF rules  

Alexandr Nedvedicky (sashan@) introduced code to enable creating local tables inside anchors in pf(4) rulesets.

BSD Now 567: To the Core  

SSH as a sudo replacement, Core.13 is Now In Office, Running GoToSocial on NetBSD, A DMD package for OpenIndiana, Adding more swap space to Omnios, OpenBSD adds initial support for Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite X after 1 day, and more.

14 July 2024
Change to FreeBSD release scheduling and support period  

FreeBSD is making two changes related to the release engineering process:

  1. FreeBSD stable branch support durations, starting with FreeBSD 15.x, are being reduced from 5 years to 4 years after the .0 release.
  2. A predictable schedule of releases is being established, with a new minor release from one of the supported stable branches occurring most quarters.
DeadBSD n5 : EnigmOS (2020) - the FreeBSD Game Dev OS  

Enigmos, put together by Samuel Venable, contained all you may have needed to develop games. It looked promising indeed, so it was a shame for it to have stopped being developed. It came out in circa 2020 as did the original review.

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10 July 2024
Enhancing Memory Safety in Programming: Insights from the FreeBSD Vendor Summit  

Imagine a world where common programming errors like buffer overflows are a thing of the past. As cybersecurity threats evolve, ensuring memory safety in programming is more crucial than ever. Memory safety vulnerabilities have been a persistent challenge since the early days of network computing, exemplified by the infamous Morris worm attack over three decades ago. Let’s explore groundbreaking advancements to address these issues, as highlighted at the FreeBSD Vendor Summit in November 2023.

09 July 2024
DeadBSD n4 - Project-Trident  

Project-Trident had a great deal of potential, but, it didn't know what it wanted to be, and as such it lost momentum. A shame indeed and in this video we'll take a look back at one of the last versions released.

BSD Now 566: Open Source Excellence  

A Journey Through 31 Years of Open Source Excellence, Proxmox vs FreeBSD: Which Virtualization Host Performs Better?, Upstreaming FreeBSD Code to the Linux Vector Packet Processor Project, FreeBSD Tips and Tricks: Creating Snapshots With UFS, My Concern With Rust, or a Case for the BSD's, and more.

DeadBSD n3 - LIVEstep - 2020  

Live ISO based on FreeBSD/FuryBSD with GNUstep as it's desktop. Picture it as the precursor to helloSystem which was also created by Probono. It's a nice OS in it's own right, and would be great to see picked up and developed further.

03 July 2024
BSD Weekly, Issue 192  

Many videos from 2024 FreeBSD Developer Summit and more.

NetBSD Security Advisory 2024-002: OpenSSH CVE-2024-6387 `regreSSHion'  

The sshd(8) LoginGraceTime option sets the maximum time that sshd(8) will wait before a new connection attempts to authenticate, to mitigate denial of service attacks. If set to zero, there is no maximum time. The option is implemented in sshd(8) by a SIGALRM handler. The SIGALRM handler logs a message with syslog_r(3), formatted to be safe for terminals with strnvis(3). Both of these library routines may call malloc(3), which is not async-signal-safe. If the SIGALRM is delivered while another part of sshd(8) is interrupted in during a malloc(3) call (or a related function such as calloc(3) or free(3)), this can corrupt malloc's internal data structures, which can lead to remote code execution.

02 July 2024
DeadBSD #2 - CultBSD - 2020-2021  

In this 2nd DeadBSD video, we will be looking at CultBSD, a KDE Plasma desktop FreeBSD 13 experimental OS. It was short lived, but it had some good ideas and it's a shame it was stopped being developed. although the developer has hinted it may be resurrected.

Valuable News – 2024/07/01  

The Valuable News weekly series is dedicated to provide summary about news, articles and other interesting stuff mostly but not always related to the UNIX/BSD/Linux systems.

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-24:04.openssh  

As a result of calling functions that are not async-signal-safe in the privileged sshd(8) context, a race condition exists that a determined attacker may be able to exploit to allow an unauthenticated remote code execution as root.

RIP dhclient(8)  

Friends, dhclient(8) in OpenBSD is no more, at least for those of us running -current.

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