HamBSD Development Log 2020-05-07

submited 08 May 2020

The HamBSD project aims to bring amateur packet radio to OpenBSD, including support for TCP/IP over AX.25 and APRS tracking/digipeating in the base system. Right now, work on HamBSD is still looking at improvements to aprsisd(8). Next steps: - Keep track of number of packets uploaded and downloaded - Add those statistics to station capabilities packet

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24 February 2021
Side-loading FreeBSD versions using Boot Environments  

Or upgrading a FreeBSD box the dirty way. This is very much a “works on my machine” approach but it should get you 90% of the way to dealing with your own. Expect annoying breakages and minor fixes along the way.

BSD Weekly issue 57  

Quiet week with pfSense release plus the latest news and tutorials from BSD world.

23 February 2021
Introducing veb(4) - a new Virtual Ethernet Bridge  

David Gwynne ([email protected]) adds a new veb(4) driver to the tree. David's goal is to replace the old bridge(4) driver.

FreeBSD CORE Team Office Hours on the 17th of March  

Following on from the effort in 2019, The FreeBSD team is arranging another Community Survey to help shape the future of The FreeBSD Project. The purpose of this survey is to collect quantitative data from the public in order to help guide the project's priorities and efforts. Similar surveys have been conducted twice by the FreeBSD Project and we are preparing for our third. Before publishing the next survey the Core Team welcomes you to attend for a Virtual Town Hall meeting to share some of the insights of the 2020 Community Survey, and seek advice on how the next survey should be conducted.

Valuable News – 2021/02/22  

The Valuable News weekly series is dedicated to provide summary about news, articles and other interesting stuff mostly but not always related to the UNIX or BSD systems.

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22 February 2021
OpenBSD booting multi-user on Apple M1  

Mark Kettenis ([email protected]) is teasing OpenBSD booting multi-user on Apple M1 hardware.

In Other BSDs for 2021/02/20  

BSD related news.

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