FreeBSD merges OpenZFS support in to HEAD

submited 25 August 2020

The primary benefit is maintaining a completely shared code base with the community allowing FreeBSD to receive new features sooner and with less effort.

It is advised to not do 'zpool upgrade' or creating indispensable pools using new features until this change has had a month+ to soak.

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25 September 2020
Security Headlines with Mischa Peters  

In this podcast episode, we interview Mischa Peters which is a long time BSD user with a background in the world of data centers and ISP’s. One of his latest projects is OpenBSD Amsterdam which is a pure-hearted OpenBSD virtual machine hosting provider. That is running 100% OpenBSD, it’s even using OpenBSD’s own hypervisor. We deep dive into OpenBSD Amsterdam, scripting with ssh, awk, and the basic tools, BSD, Hack-tic and a lot more!

BSD Now 369: Where rc.d belongs  

High Availability Router/Firewall Using OpenBSD, CARP, pfsync, and ifstated, Building the Development Version of Emacs on NetBSD, rc.d belongs in libexec, not etc, FreeBSD 11.3 EOL, OPNsense 20.7.1 Released, MidnightBSD 1.2.7 out, and more.

24 September 2020
Unified pfSense® Documentation  

To improve the documentation for pfSense® software and make it easier to use, Netgate are merging the content from the book and the former wiki into a single unified set of documentation available now at

MidnightBSD 1.2.10  

New security update for MidnightBSD. Description: udf: Validate the full file entry length Otherwise a corrupted file entry containing invalid extended attribute lengths or allocation descriptor lengths can trigger an overflow when the file entry is loaded.

DragonFly 5.8.2 released  

New bugfix release for 5.8 DragonFly series has been released.

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23 September 2020
A simple shell status bar for OpenBSD and cwm(1)  

Tutorial about using cwm and termbar together. The idea behind termbar is to launch an terminal that will loop printing the information you want; via a shell script.

BSD Weekly, issue 38  

New MidnightBSD, TrueNAS and FreeBSD releases; FreeBSD Core Team Office Hours; OpenBSD hackathon reports; plus latest news and SAs.

22 September 2020
k2k20 hackathon report: Florian Obser on DNS  

The third report from k2k20 comes from Florian Obser ([email protected]), who worked mostly on DNS related things.

The Power To Serve: Setting Up FreeBSD  

Most would agree that IT and Computer geeks have an intense passion for Open Source Software and quality code. Due to this, Linux is a staple in the tech community... But is it the only option? Enter FreeBSD, an Operating System whose roots trace all the way back to the original UNIX. Buckle up, and prepare for an introduction to FreeBSD and setting it up yourself.

FullBGP at Home  

Have you always wanted to have a FullBGP table at home? Here's a little howto with OpenBSD.

21 September 2020
k2k20 hackathon report: Bob Beck on LibreSSL progress  

Fresh off the just-finished k2k20 hackathon, here is a report from Bob Beck ([email protected]).

DragonFly BSD offers first-boot tool  

People who wish to customize the DragonFly BSD operating system have a new tool on their workbench. The project has introduced a first-boot flag which allows a program or script to be run once, and only once, the first time the operating system is booted following installation. "You can now add something to run on first boot after install, only, on DragonFly. This is probably of most use to you if you are building a custom image."

20 September 2020
Quick Video on FreeBSD migration to git: Relevant differences between the two  

This 4 minute video walks people through the basics of the differences between git and subversion. It focuses on the relevant bits for the FreeBSD's project conversion, but should be approachable enough for anybody to watch.

k2k20 hackathon report: Martijn van Duren on snmp, agentx, and other progress  

The k2k20 hackathon concluded recently, and there is a report from Martijn van Duren.

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