How To Set Up a Minio Cluster From Potluck, Complete With Nextcloud, Monitoring And Alerting

submited 12 December 2022

Let’s build a two-server Minio storage system, complete with alerting and monitoring via Grafana and Prometheus. To illustrate application, we’ll include a Nextcloud pot image using Minio S3 as file storage. This blog post should show that it is quite straight forward to set up production quality cluster solutions with FreeBSD, Pot and Potluck.

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04 February 2023
OpenBSD Errata: February 2, 2023 (sshd)  

Errata patch for sshd(8) has been released for OpenBSD 7.2. Binary updates for the amd64, i386 and arm64 platform are available via the syspatch utility.

03 February 2023
BSD Now 492: Feeling for NetBSD  

Writing your own operating system, Continuous Integration and Quality Assurance Update, feeling for the NetBSD community, Testing wanted: execute-only on amd64, GCC uses Modula-2 and Rust, do they work on OpenBSD, Unix is dead; long live Unix, and more.

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01 February 2023
OpenZFS – Auditing for Storage Performance  

OpenZFS and storage in general is a complex and important part of any project’s architecture. It should be planned thoughtfully and ideally, ahead of time! In this article, they talk about how to understand, measure, and plan for storage performance needs.

HardenedBSD January 2023 Status Report  

Updates for the projects (mainly src and infra) + goals for the next month.

BSD Weekly issue 138  

Looking for a FreeBSD job? There're some in + all the latest news from the BSD community.

31 January 2023
DiscoBSD - 2.11BSD-based UNIX-like Operating System for STM32 and PIC32 Microcontrollers  

DiscoBSD is a 2.11BSD-based UNIX-like operating system for microcontrollers, with a focus on high portability to memory constrained devices without a memory management unit. This microcontroller-focused operating system is the continuation of RetroBSD, a 2.11BSD-based OS targeting only the MIPS-based PIC32MX7. DiscoBSD is multi-platform, as it also supports Arm Cortex-M4 STM32F4 devices. Source code to the system is freely available under a BSD-like license.

Hiring: FreeBSD OS Developer  

Klara Inc. is looking for a FreeBSD Operating System Developer to join their growing team of Open Source Specialists. In this role you will be working as part of a FreeBSD team to design and build new features and fix bugs in FreeBSD. Their team is building new key features for FreeBSD and contributing bug fixes and improvements that make life easier for all users of the operating system. The ideal candidate will have experience working with Open Source Operating Systems projects in either the kernel, user space or ports areas. The ideal candidate also has an interest in team work, and specifically being able to involve and engage with other developers to make changes which lead to the best result for the users. As a FreeBSD OS Developer, you will work directly with their customers to design and implement improvements and enhancements to FreeBSD. In this role you will have the opportunity to build the future of FreeBSD.

29 January 2023
Coding new ioctls to produce screendumps from the console  

Screenshots are easy if you're running the X Window system or perhaps working within a virtual machine, but what about those times when you need to capture some console output straight from real hardware?

New Open Position: FreeBSD Userland Software Developer  

Are you a versatile problem-solver with a knack for operating system development? Do you thrive working in an open source development environment with a diverse team? If so, the FreeBSD Foundation is searching for a software developer with varied interests and skills and a passion to perfect the user experience on FreeBSD.

27 January 2023
OPNsense 23.1  

23.1, nicknamed "Quintessential Quail", features Unbound DNS statistics with a blocklist rewrite in Python, improved WAN SLAAC operability, firewall alias BGP ASN type support, PHP 8.1, assorted FreeBSD networking updates, MVC/API pages for packet capture/virtual IPs/IPsec connection management, IPsec configuration file migration to swanctl.conf, new sslh plugin, ddclient custom backend support (including Azure), WireGuard kernel module plugin variant as the new default plus much more.

BSD Now 491: Catch the Spammers  

Dragonfly BSD 6.4 is out, Running OpenZFS – Choosing Between FreeBSD and Linux, OpenBSD Mastery: Filesystems ebook leaks, catching 71% spam, crazy unix shell prompts, Linux Binary Compatibility: Ubuntu on FreeBSD, Reproducible Builds Summit Venice 2022, and more.

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