DragonFlyBSD 5.5 Development Opens Up

submited 23 November 2018

With DragonFlyBSD 5.4 releasing in the days ahead, its code has been branched while now open on Git master is the DragonFlyBSD 5.5 development tree.

DragonFlyBSD 5.4.0 is coming soon with all of its great improvements that were developed under the DragonFlyBSD "5.3" development series while now DragonFlyBSD 5.5 is in development for what should be released as DragonFlyBSD 5.6 in about six months time. The DragonFlyBSD 5.4 release is coming out just days before the big release of FreeBSD 12.0.

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09 December 2019
OpenBSD host's IP stack behavior got changed slightly  

Your laptops, desktops and servers now check packet destination address with IP address bound to interface, where such packet is received on. If there will be mismatch the packet will be discarded and 'wrongif' counter will be bumped. You can use 'netstat -s|grep wrongif' to display the counter value.

FuryBSD KDE plasma flavor now available  

The KDE plasma flavor may be downloaded from SourceForge.

A new image is also available for XFCE from GitHub.

Notable improvements include most firmware, and drivers for wireless devices being autoloaded now. For the full list see the release notes from GitHub.

OpenBSD Errata: December 8th, 2019 (suauth)  

Errata patches for su have been released for OpenBSD 6.5 and 6.6. A user can log in with a different user's login class. Binary updates for the amd64, i386, and arm64 platforms are available via the syspatch utility.

07 December 2019
NomadBSD 1.3  

The release of NomadBSD 1.3 is now available.

NomadBSD is a persistent live system for USB flash drives, based on FreeBSD. Together with automatic hardware detection and setup, it is configured to be used as a desktop system that works out of the box, but can also be used for data recovery, for educational purposes, or to test FreeBSD's hardware compatibility.

06 December 2019
ZFS Rename Repo | BSD Now 327  

We read FreeBSD’s third quarterly status report, OpenBSD on Sparc64, ZoL repo move to OpenZFS, GEOM NOP, keeping NetBSD up-to-date, and more.

05 December 2019
e2k19 Hackathon Report: At e2k19 nobody can hear you scream  

Fresh from the just concluded e2k19 hackathon, Claudio Jeker ([email protected]) writes in.

04 December 2019
OpenBSD Errata  

Errata patches for xenodm, libc and Mesa have been released for OpenBSD 6.5 and 6.6. Binary updates for the amd64, i386, and arm64 platforms are available via the syspatch utility.

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