pkgsrc-2021Q2 branch announcement

submited 02 July 2021

The pkgsrc developers are proud to announce the 71st quarterly release of pkgsrc, the cross-platform packaging system. pkgsrc is available with more than 26,000 packages, running on 23 separate platforms; more information on pkgsrc itself is available at In total, 210 packages were added, 103 packages were removed, and 2458 package updates (to 1900 unique packages) were processed since the pkgsrc-2021Q1 release.

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29 July 2021
OpenZFS Snapshots  

Understanding which data benefits from being in a snapshot and how long it makes sense to keep snapshots will help you get the most out of OpenZFS snapshots. Pruning snapshots to just the ones you need will make it easier to find the data you want to restore, save disk capacity, and prevent performance bottlenecks on your OpenZFS system.

OPNsense 21.1.8 released  

The code moves to PHP 7.4. Shipped alongside are a few updates and fixes that still make sense for the 21.1 series. Also community contributions regarding the Norwegian translation and Fetchmail plugin.

27 July 2021
OpenBSD Errata: July 25, 2021 (relayd)  

An errata patch for the relayd application layer gateway daemon has been released for OpenBSD 6.9. relayd(8), when using the the http protocol strip filter directive or http protocol macro expansion, processes format strings. Binary updates for the amd64, i386, and arm64 platform are available via the syspatch utility.

OpenBSD Errata: July 25, 2021 (libc, mips64)  

An errata patch for the libc library on the mips64 architecture has been released for OpenBSD 6.8 and OpenBSD 6.9. On mips64, the strchr/index/strrchr/rindex functions in libc handled signed characters incorrectly.

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26 July 2021
FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report - Second Quarter 2021  

This report covers FreeBSD related projects for the period between April and June, and is the second of four planned reports for 2021. Some of this reports highlights include but are not limited to work on an experimental installer, changes to pf, additional work on the Linuxulator, updates on the state of kernel sanitizers, coverage of the raidz expansion feature for ZFS, and some news about resource accounting.

25 July 2021
[OpenBSD :: Virtualization] Host and guests on the same network  

Tips to virtualize serenely under OpenBSD with vmd, where host and guest(s) are part of the same network!

OpenBSD full Tor setup  

If for some reasons you want to block all your traffic except traffic going through Tor, here is how to proceed on OpenBSD.

24 July 2021
Introducing dhcpleased(8)  

Now enabled by default on OpenBSD -current is dhcpleased(8), a dynamic host configuration protocol daemon. To begin using dhcpleased, upgrade to a current snapshot. You can edit hostname.if(5) to replace "dhcp" with "inet autoconf".

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